Audrey Deane – Director, A Game To Train Ltd.

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    Food scientist, nutritionist and food safety trainer, coming from a background in retail, Audrey has audited factories around the world in her role as technical manager and food buyer for Tesco and Sainsbury’s. For the past seven years she has been a freelance food safety consultant and has been involved in designing and training food hygiene courses. Audrey has also written a number of  recipe books and loves cooking.

    Presentation Title:

    Compliance Learning  – Engaging Learners, Influencing Behaviour, Meeting Legal Requirements

    Presentation Synopsis:

    How to solve a problem like boring compliance training? We know we have to do it and usually the subject matter is pretty dull.  So, how do you ensure that your compliance training  ticks the box but also engages people and leads to long term retention of knowledge and changes in behaviour.  The world of immersive serious gaming is becoming an established method of learning and it’s not just for the kids. Serious games are now emerging in many areas from defence and health care to safety and commercial applications.  Food safety game based training is a key area of potential benefit where changes in behaviour can positively influence the food safety culture of the business.  Food businesses can now begin to reap the rewards of a highly skilled, motivated and engaged workforce; of particular importance when it involves food safety.

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