Dave Roberts – Founder, Northern Light Innovation Ltd

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dave has led global R&D teams for P&G and PepsiCo across foods, home care, beauty care and new ventures, evolving to specialize in front end of innovation and IP strategy.

    Dave’s passion for connecting innovators led him to work at the University of Oxford as a technology transfer manager, and at yet2.com, as a technology scout at the nexus between large and small companies and academia.

    In 2011, Dave founded NLI, to provide innovation services and training for companies to get ahead and stay ahead by connecting market insight, product technology and commercial reality more effectively. We solve smart problems by using a combination of insights and invention mapping and other knowledge that exists in the world, to stimulate bigger innovations.

    Presentation Title:

    Problem-centred thinking and how it can give food innovators a competitive advantage

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Dave has spent years advising companies on innovation and IP strategy. Throughout that time, the Food industry has been notably reticent in developing sensible IP strategies to help both to direct invention effort and to protect R&D assets. In this talk, I want to bust some myths, and assert that the principles are really not that difficult to use. Be clear on setting a smart problem in the first place, grounded in insight; use creative problem solving, and an open mind, to build better solutions; and protect properly. Oh, and don’t forget to “think big” along the way.

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