Derek Selby – Product Technical Adviser for EAME – Mobil Lubricants, ExxonMobil

    • Derek Selby – Product Technical Adviser for EAME – Mobil Lubricants, ExxonMobil's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Derek Selby has been working on the formulation, production and application of Mobil Lubricants for 29 years. During this time Derek has worked on the wide range of lubricants used in the food industry ranging from heat transfer oils, the synthetic gear/hydraulic lubricants and hyper compressor oils used in the production of Foodgrade and pharmaceutical grade Poly Ethylene. He has spearheaded the technical launches of the Mobil SHC Cibus product line for the food industry.

    Dereks’ long term back ground and involvement in technical understanding of lubricants and their formulation for food applications means he has a broad experience in this industry and understanding of customers’ equipment and hygiene challenges. Derek currently supports the European, Africa and Middle East markets including ExxonMobil’s distributors to these markets. This includes UK Mobil lubricant distributor Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd who have a range of experts helping customers with lubrication hygiene goals and providing a wide range of lubrication solutions and services.
    Presentation Title:
    The importance of high performance lubrication in food industry & food machinery hygiene goals.
    Presentation Synopsis:
    Most machines these days still need lubrication and the potential leakage of lubricants into food stuff drives customers to move to H1 lubricants. However H1 only defines the composition to be of acceptable additives and base oils. It does not define any performance of the lubricant which in itself can give exposure to increased intervention with the machine increasing chances of contamination. Thus formulating a H1 lubricant does not guarantee performance and protection of the equipment. This presentation will cover not just the importance of use of H1 lubricants but also the careful choice of lubricants that meet compositional requirements and bring extra performance. This is in addition to other considerations in selecting lubricants and handling them to help support customer in achieving their food safety and hygiene goals.


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