Dr Asja Portsch- Product Manager, FDL Ltd

  • Speaker’s Bio:

    Asja was educated as a food scientist at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and later as a chemical engineer at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her PhD was a study of the effects of sugars in biopolymer systems. She now works for a global supplier of specialist ingredients and foods for chemical and food industries, where she is a Development Manager. In this role, she is a key member of its NPD team, where she is faced with an array of challenges and opportunities relating to ingredient technology in food and beverage product manufacture.

    Presentation Title:

    Reducing sugar: an overview of a challenge for the food industry

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Sugar reduction is undoubtedly one of the most discussed media topics today. The food Industry is looking to reduce calories and the amount of added sugar in high sugar foods to comply with governmental incentives and avoid levy threats. Through case studies, this presentation will examine the difficulties the food industry faces and point out how the challenge can be addressed.

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