Dr Max Gowland – Founder, Prime Fifty

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    Max acquired his PhD in amino acid chemistry from Nottingham University in 1979 and went on to become European, then Global Head of Research & Development for Reckitt Benckiser. He later served on the Board of the Jeyes Group as their Chief Innovation Officer and then became MD of PhD Nutrition. Max then started his own Company, Prime Fifty, which started trading around 18m ago, which specialises in maintaining the musculo-skeletal health of the over 50s with both much needed supplementation and exercise.

    Presentation Title:

    Over 50s DO need to Supplement!

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The over 50s just want to stay active, mobile and independent for longer. This means that preserving their musculo-skeletal health is a top priority as we age. Failing to do this can bring on early onset of frailty, which in turn can lead to chronic ailments and may even lead to falls, which can be life changing.

    Prime Fifty has identified nutritional deficiencies which can and should be corrected via sensible supplementation with targeted supplements.

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