Eoghan Daly – Policy and Technical Advisor, The Institute of Food Safety, Integrity & Protection (TiFSiP)

    • Eoghan Daly – Policy and Technical Advisor, The Institute of Food Safety, Integrity & Protection (TiFSiP)'s presentations

    Speaker bio:

    Eoghan is experienced in assisting clients to consider the impacts of policy choices on the environment, food chain, society and economy. This includes offering systems analysis,
    policy evaluation and impact assessment services to policy makers in the UK Government, European Commission and national governments around Europe. He has managed and delivered projects to provide decision-makers with evidence on impacts, advice on how policies are working and analysis of the likely effects of proposed policies. His work, grounded in evaluation theory, has involved a mix of qualitative and quantitative social research, technical analysis and modelling.

    Eoghan has extensive expertise in food chain governance and regulatory issues, from the perspective of the private and public sector. He is committed to better food safety and integrity and enjoys working in an dynamic multi-disciplinary environment.

    Skills and experience include:

    Experience in designing and implementing policy evaluations.

    Strong quantitative and qualitative research and analytical skills, including designing research projects, collecting and managing data, using rigorous research methods and managing applied research projects.

    Deep knowledge of public policy with respect to the food chain and the environment, and the impact of public policy on the private sector.

    Ability to work as part of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams carrying out research.

    Excellent written English, with the ability to communicate complicated topics clearly and succinctly for a variety of audience types.

    Over 7 years of consultancy experience.

    A Master’s degree in Environmental Technology (Environmental Economics and Policy) from Imperial College London.

    An first class honours science degree (botany) from University College Dublin.

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