Ian Tansley – Co-Founder and CTO, The Sure Chill Company

  • Speaker Bio:

    Ian is an inventor with 30 years’ experience designing products and working internationally to tackle difficult energy related problems. Inventor of the Sure Chill Technology, Ian collected the Institute of Refrigeration’s highest award, The J&E Hall Gold Medal, last year for his innovative work

    Presentation Title:

    An innovative new technology for Food and Drink Chilling – Sure Chill – Save money, reduce waste, chill better!

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Sure Chill is a recent innovation that harnesses nature to deliver perfect chilling temperatures. It does this at the same time as enabling flexible energy supply strategies and a host of other benefits in a clean and sustainable way.

    Ian Tansley, the technology’s inventor, will reveal how it works and how it can be put to use in the food and drinks industry focussing on reducing food waste and providing greater global reach for the drinks industry.

    The Sure Chill technology is already in use in 38 countries in the highly specialised vaccine refrigeration market where temperature control and tolerance to energy fluctuations are big challenges. It has won support from Bill Gates’ foundation and has global patent coverage.

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