Jane Powell- Independent Consultant

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    Food values: business and well-being go together

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    Protecting the global food supply is more than just a technical challenge. It depends also on our values: are we willing to look beyond profit and efficiency to the well-being of all? Social psychology research suggests that we tend to seesaw between talking about money on the one hand, and doing good on the other, but there needn’t be a contradiction. Come and join in the discussion.

    Speaker Bio:

    Jane Powell is an independent consultant who has worked with Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities on an action research project on Food Values. She has a background in agricultural science and works as a writer, editor and educator. She is the Wales coordinator for the schools charity Farming and Countryside Education and is the chair of the Wales Regional Centre of Expertise for Educational for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. She blogs at https://janebrynonnen.wordpress.com/.

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