Jonathan Stott- Business Manager, Sustain® (Stephenson Group Ltd)

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    Speaker Bio:

    Jonathan Stott is a qualified Chemist with an MSc in Chemistry from The University of Reading. His background includes seven years with speciality chemicals manufacturer Croda, where he was responsible for sales of all personal care products into Europe, Middle East and Africa. Jonathan joined Stephenson Group in 2015, where he has led the commercialisation of a revolutionary patented ingredient, Sustain®, into the carbonated drinks industry.

    Presentation Title:

    Has your drink lost its fizz?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    CO2 loss” is a problem that has plagued the carbonated drinks market for years. As much as 40% of CO2 is lost from a CSD by the time a consumer takes their first sip. This happens for various reasons – shelf life, packaging, filling methods, ingredients. As a result, CSD brands and producers are looking at new ways to keep the fizz in their drinks for longer – to keep consumers happy and give them more of the taste they expect from their carbonated soft drinks. So how does this relate to sustainability? “CO2 retention” can help to improve a brand’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of rejects and therefore waste and plastic that goes to landfill; it enables CSD brands to export their drinks further afield to overseas markets; and reduces the amount of energy and water consumed during the filling process. Jonathan Stott will discuss the topic of carbonation retention in CSDs, and how “co2 solubilisation” can improve shelf life and consumer enjoyment – whilst increasing production efficiency and profitability longer-term.

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