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    Speaker Bio:

    Mike is the Bakery Science Section Manager within the Baking & Cereal Processing Department at Campden BRI and joined the organisation in April 2016.

    The Bakery Science Section utilizes an extensive understanding of both cereal and bakery science to further develop the fundamental understanding of the interaction of ingredients, recipes and processes for the international baking and cereal processing industries. Mike’s main responsibilities are around managing and proposing research for clients.

    Mike studied for a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2005.

    Since graduating, Mike has worked primarily within R&D and Technical roles for multinational organisations. Most recently he led the development Own Label NPD for a major high street health and wellness retailer, specialising in spotting new trends in functional foods, sports nutrition and free from foods.

    Mike’s areas of interest include process scale up, shelf life extensions and clean label NPD

    Presentation Title:

    Extending the Shelf life of Bakery Products

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Mould free shelf life (MFSL) is a critical parameter in the bakery industry. Formulation and parameters such as Aw and use of preservatives such as propionates and sorbates are traditionally used to ensure the length of MFSL is acceptable to consumers, retailers and manufacturers. The current trend to reduce or eliminate the use of “artificial” preservatives, and the rise of organic foods is challenging the traditional methodologies.

    A number of new technologies and processes can help bakers extend their MFSL without the use of preservatives or with reduced quantities. These include infra red, ultra violet light, vacuum cooling, cold plasma and sourdough systems. This presentation will examine each technology/process in turn and discuss the benefits and drawbacks.

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