Nicole Maher – Bakery Scientist, Campden BRI

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    Nicole Maher is Senior Bakery Scientist in the Bakery & Cereals Processing Department at Campden BRI and joined in 2011. Nicole studied Food Science at University College Cork (UCC).

    In her role at Campden BRI Nicole is involved in many areas of the department. She has experience of test baking, new product development and working on research projects.  Her main areas of interest include gluten free, high fibre baking, dough fermentations, and the use of interfacial techniques to characterise bakery systems.

    Presentation Title:

    Reformulation for healthier baked product

    Presentation Synopsis:

    There is considerable evidence linking poor dietary choices to risks of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Foods high in fat or sugar have been targeted by health campaigners as playing a role in the global obesity and diabetes crisis and so there have been calls to reduce levels in popular food products. However, it is not just mainstream products that are being targeted as being unhealthy. Gluten free baked products can also have a poor nutritional profile. It was found that levels of fat and sugar in baked products, such as cookies and cake, can be reduced using functional fibers like alginate and inulin. Similar approaches can be taken for gluten free alternatives. This provides a great opportunity to improve the nutritional profile of the general public including those that may have dietary restrictions.

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