Nimisha Raja- Founder, Nim’s Fruit Crisps

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    Nimisha Raja is founder of Nim’s Fruit Crisps, a Multi Award Winning and innovative snack  that is looking to shake up the healthy snack market. The former café owner set up Nim’s Fruit Crisps in 2012 after being inspired to combat unhealthy snacking patterns in kids and adults alike. Nimisha’s passion for healthy snacking and a healthy lifestyle in general has led her to spend the past 3 years researching and developing various healthy snacks. Her range of Nim’s Fruit and Vegetable crisps was the result winning multiple awards along the way including 3 Great Taste awards, Winner of Great New Idea at Foodex 2016 for the UK’s first ever range of Air Dried Vegetable Crisps as well as other awards and commendations.

    Nimisha believes that the perfect snack is one that is not only devoid of any ‘bad stuff’ but more importantly, retains as much of the original nutrients and goodness as possible and tastes great too. Nimisha has now set up a state of the art 10,000 sq ft production factory in Kent where she continues to work on new product development to her heart’s content.

    Presentation Title:

    One Ingredient Only – How Nim’s created the perfect Fruit Crisp

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In “One Ingredient Only” We will be looking at how the food manufacturers that truly ‘get’ what the healthy eating trend is all about are not simply looking for ways of reducing sugar, salt, fat content of foods but instead are finding innovative ways of making food taste great without having to add anything artificial or unhealthy in the first place. We’ll share our own case study of how we create a nutritious snack using our innovative air-drying process and discuss some of the challenges that we face.

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