Paul Morris – Founder & CEO, Addmaster

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    Paul is the founder and CEO of Addmaster, the developer of additive based product improvements to a wide cross section of global industries.

    The business was created 16 years ago from Paul’s frustration with large corporate chemical companies talking about innovation, but doing very little of value outside of manufacturing cost cutting.

    The unique Addmaster business model has brought a vast array of innovative products to market and built a reputation for product improvements, in the same vein as Intel Processors and Gor-Tex.

    Currently very active in the Food Hygiene sector, Addmaster built its antibacterial reputation in developing MRSA resistant solutions for the NHS, where their Biomaster product is now used extensively.

    The multi award winning business has a long list of business accolades including The Sunday Express & Mail on Sunday  Business Awards, the Queens Award for Export and most recently the Best New Idea at the Foodex Show in April 2016.

    Paul is very passionate about innovation and business development and in addition to seed funding and chairing new start up ventures he is a Board Member of The Business Innovation Centre and Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

    Married with 2 children, Paul uses any spare time he has to relax with his family, watch football and to fly-fish.

    Presentation Title:

    Campylobacter – the hidden fact

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Campylobacter is still responsible for 80% of UK food poisoning and in addition to the long term health issues it causes, around 120 people die each year in the UK.

    Much is being done to reduce the levels of Campylobacter in poultry, but are we really targeting the right areas and could more be done to protect the public.

    This talk will explore the facts and figures behind the FSA work and surprise you with the findings.


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