Rend Platings – CEO & Founder, Sugarwise

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    Rend Platings founded Sugarwise due to concerns about excess sugar consumption on her one year old daughter’s health. Her idea was for a recognisable kitemark that would identify products low in added (free) sugars. Underlying the certification is new technology for independently measuring free sugar levels of foods without relying on manufacturer supplied composition data. Previously, Rend set up her first company in her college room leading it to a successful exit, worked as a Diplomat in the UN, and on conflict resolution and negotiation for TRADOC and the Westpoint Military Academy. Through Sugarwise Rend hopes to improve food labelling by making lower sugar alternatives more visible and available to the public.

    Presentation Title:

    Sugar Labeling – What are the next steps?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Sugar labeling is a major challenge facing manufacturers, retailers and food service. Consumers need to be aware of the amount of added sugars in products and guided to options that are lower in such sugars through effective labeling. However, if everyone does this their own way, with their own labeling systems, customers will become confused. How do you present this information accurately, legally, and in a way that supports rather than undermines your business growth? How are added or free sugars measured so that consumers trust this information? These issues will be discussed and addressed, with specific focus on the Sugarwise labeling system, that has become the most popular means of addressing these challenges.

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