Tanveer Parkar – Inspections Manager & Auditor, Halal Food Authority

    • Tanveer Parkar – Inspections Manager & Auditor, Halal Food Authority's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Tanveer has been in the food industry for number of years and has become a key member of the Halal food Authority.  Along with his experience in quality assurance in a processing/manufacturing environment, Tanveer has been trained in ISO22000 FSMS as Lead Auditor and is also an accredited Animal Welfare Officer. Furthermore, Tanveer has undertaken several industry related courses which have facilitated the organisation.

    Winning an award of ‘overall best performance’ at the HFA recently has added and acknowledged his acumen and capabilities. Tanveer leads the team of HFA supervisors and plays a paramount role of enhancing halal understanding and compliance in the food and beverage industry.

    Presentation Title:

    Halal industry, Opportunities and Requirements

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The increasing awareness and demand of the halal market has pushed the food and beverage industry to cater for this segment.  I will be giving you an insight into understanding and appreciating the potential untapped growth opportunities in the UK and overseas.

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