Simon Hammond – Regional Sales Manager, 3D Systems Europe Ltd.

    • Simon Hammond – Regional Sales Manager, 3D Systems Europe Ltd.'s presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    In 2011, Simon joined 3D Systems to develop new channels of revenue through sales activities and exploring new markets that will benefit from the adoption of additive manufacturing.
    3D Systems are the inventors of 3D Printing and for the past 30 years, recognised innovators of 3D Printing, suppliers of machines, materials, software and associated technology.
    Simon was responsible for getting the approval, manufacture and installation for the UK’s first printed building components in the construction industry.
    3D Systems are at the forefront of offering novel solutions in the food and drinks industry, from manufacturing bespoke jigs and fixtures for production lines as well as complex parts and assemblies that help to speed up manufacturing.

    Presentation Title:

    3D Printing in the Food and Drink Industry – Overview and Case Study Applications.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Simon Hammond of 3D Systems Europe describes the application and advantages of 3D printing in food manufacturing processes.

    Although 3D printing is perceived as a brand new technology, it has in fact been around for over 30 years. There are more than 100 commercial materials available on seven print platforms including plastics and metals. The technology is being adopted by a number of sectors, including the food and drink industry. It is predominately being used for prototyping but we are now entering the next big step change: machines and platforms for production.

    The food industry is exploring the potential for 3D printing. The headlines are being grabbed by food that is sculpted into interesting shapes, but a more scientific approach to the development of the technology and establishing appropriate applications is required.

    This presentation focuses on the value that Additive Manufacturing (AM), the term that industry prefers to 3D printing, is currently adding to the production of food and drink. Two technologies are important here: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which makes parts in a PA12 Nylon, and Direct Metal Printing (DMP), which makes real metal parts in several different materials, including Stainless Steel 316L, a food grade material. In SLS, AM has helped to reduce costs and in DMP it can help to speed up a production line.

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