Sonia Guri- Lead Agricultural Engineer, Advanced Technology, EMEA

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    Presentation Title:

    Combining cryogenic freezing and modified atmosphere packaging to improve food preservation quality

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Frozen foods could be deteriorated by different ways depending on food chemical composition, storage and unfrozen conditions, limiting the shelf-life of the product. An alternative technology to frozen foods is freeze chilling that involves initial freezing of a foodstuff with frozen storage being followed by thawing and distribution of the product at chill temperatures. The combination of storing cryogenically frozen food under modified atmosphere packaging can avoid some food deterioration processes during frozen and after thawing periods, extending the final shelf-life of the foodstuffs and offering the possibility to sell the food as a chilled product.

    Speaker Bio:

    After doing her PhD in the Institute of Research in agro-food technologies (IRTA, Spain), she held a Researcher and Technology Transfer position in the same Center during five years. She joined Air Products in October 2005 as a Technical Lead in charge of the Agri-Food and Water projects, in the Technology Group of Air Products, performing her activity in the facilities that the company has in Barcelona (Spain).
    She has been involved in several funded R+D projects both with public and companies funds. She has participated in National and International Conferences giving several invited talks, where she has also published more than 30 contributions. She has directed 2 PhD thesis and several pre-doctoral research works.

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