Fatma Ayouni – Technical and Application Specialist, Alpha MOS

    • Fatma Ayouni – Technical and Application Specialist, Alpha MOS's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Fatma AYOUNI, 36 years old, joined Alpha MOS 11 years ago. She starts at Alpha MOS laboratory as an application specialist, developing analytical projects for customers and moved to technical and application support since 2 years. She has an engineering background in analytics, specialized in quality and food safety and good skills in Food Beverage & Packaging applications on Alpha MOS technologies.

    Alpha MOS mission is to digitize human perception in order to simplify your sensory evaluations. They have 2000 systems installed worldwide and thousands of applications already developed in Food Beverage & Packaging. Headquarters is in Toulouse, France, and they have offices in Japan, China, USA, and India.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Gaining sensory satisfaction in the food & beverage industry using analytical tools.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The presentation will detail the importance of sensory methods in the food & beverage industry, present the challenges to human sensory panels and focus on the solutions using analytical tools developed by Alpha MOS, known as Enose,Etongue&Eeye.  The latest generation of Enose based on flash GC will be detailed, going through the sampling process to the results on an easy to read interface.

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