Tim Cozens- Technical Director, InnuScience RH Ltd

  • Speaker Bio:

    Tim Cozens Technical Director, InnuScience RH Ltd. is a qualified Mental Health nurse, who changed careers, and has spent the last twenty-one years working within the cleaning industry, and having gained first-hand knowledge of the damage to health and the environment caused by traditional cleaning products and methodologies, has spent the last five, working to improve standards in cleaning, whilst reducing the impact of chemicals used in the industry. Using biotechnology based products wherever possible, he and his colleagues are at the forefront of changing the UK towards a more modern way of cleaning, both in food premises and beyond.

    Presentation Title:

    Food Hygiene and Sustainability

    Presentation Synopsis:

    EAUC has been exploring the developing of sustainable best practise in universities and colleges for 20 years. Working with partners across the sector this type of change from traditional ways of dealing with modern requirements and creating pragmatic and practical solutions requires not just new technologies but new ways of behaving. This talk introduces ideas on how some of these solutions might be accepted and others not before offering an idea for cleaning in kitchens as a worked example from our partners InnuScience.

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